This website showcases the Pontian Association of Montreal and the culture of the Hellenic
Pontians of Pontos. It does not however represent the association or the region of Pontos.
Articles, photos and data has been gathered through research of the association's archives,
various websites and by submissions from outside sources. In no way can we be held liable
for any misrepresentation due to inconclusive information received by third parties.
We strongly believe that Pontian content on the Internet should be freely available for those
who wish to use it. However we do respect the work carried out by other websites and
individuals. Therefore you will find at the bottom of this page a listing of all other sources
used for the pages located in our directories.
Other Sources
Archives of the Pontian Association of Montreal:
General assembly minutes
Council meeting minutes
Annual Dance Videos
Annual  dance albums
Personal Archives of Lefteris Michailidis
photos submitted by members

Personal Archives of Prof. Kostantinos Fotiadis
Personal Archives of Lefteris Michailidis
Articles by:
Dimitrios Yantsulis
Lefteris Michailidis
Theofanis Malkidis
Kostantinos Xionidis
Mihalis Charalambidis
Simos Lianidis
Akis Haralabopoulos
Savvas Kantarzis
Roberto Lopez
Pelagia Adamidis
John Apazidis
Nikos Zournatzidis
Christos Theodoridis
Microsoft® Encarta® Online Encyclopedia
other books and newspapers
Tamama, by Giorgos Andreadis
Panagiotis Papadopoulos
Lefteris Michailidis
and from CD covers
Pan-Pontian Federation:
Archives of the Federation
Ilias Tsekeridis
Mihalis Mouratidis

other sources include:
CBC Canada
CFMB radio
Macedonian Press Agency
Countless of books and newspapers
Various websites
And of course all our friends who submit

If you have submitted an article or found some of your content on
our website that has not been 'source quoted' please advise us.

We would like to thank everyone who has helped us with the
creation of this website.
But above all we would like to thank you for visiting our site. We
hope you enjoy it and remember this is your home for Pontos on
the net.
Special Thanks to:

Eleni Bakopanos
Mary Deros
Dimitrios Yantsulis
for their continued support

Ilias Ermidis
for his kind gesture and
generous gifts

John Apazidis
for his professionalism,
contributions and for his love of
the stixio

All the older members for their
trust, advice and belief that we
can make a difference

Sofia Michailidis
Maria Amanatidis
Nick Stefanidis
Mania Papadopoulos
Mario Charachisarlidis
Dimitra Simptikidis
Maria Sivaridis
Pelagia Adamidis
For all their input, contributions
and unconditional love of the

And a very Special thanks to:
Vicky Efthimiou for her input,
patience and understanding
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