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Greece slams FYROM over lawsuit

Greece has claimed a lawsuit brought in the International Court of Justice
is proof that the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia does not want to
resolve the long-running dispute between the two countries by dialogue.

Macedonia has brought the case in the Hague, accusing Athens of
violating the law by blocking its bid to join NATO.

Skopje had hoped to join last April during the course of the NATO summit
in Bucharest, but Athens vetoed the move, because of a dispute over
Macedonia’s name. Athens says it implies a territorial claim on its
northern-most province.

Both countries have been negotiating over the issue for 17 years under
the auspices of the UN. Skopje says a 1995 agreement for it to call itself
the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia in return for unfettered
access to the EU and NATO has been violated.

Athens says it will defend the case in the International Court of Justice.
Related Story and facts

For more than 4,000 years Macedonia has been an intricate part of the history of the Greek people. Today, Macedonia is the largest and most
populous region of Greece, having a population of 2.6 million, or 25% of the population of Greece.

Everyone knows that Alexander the Great and the ancient kingdom of Macedonia was Greek – this is supported by the archaeological and
literary evidence. Alexander was descended from two Greek hero´s – Hercules on his father Philip´s side – and Achilles on his Mother
Olympia´s side.

The very name 'Macedonia' is Greek. Like many other regions of Greece, Macedonia is named after a Greek mythological figure - 'Macedon' -
who was the son of Zeus and Thyia - the daughter of Deucalion and sister of Hellen.

Thus 'Macedon' - whom the Macedonians and the land Macedonia are named after - was the nephew of Hellen (whom the Hellenes or Greeks
are named after) and the son of the Greek God Zeus (Hesiod – Catalogue of Women, 8th Century BCE; Marsyas of Pella - a history of
Macedonia (Makedonika), 4th Century BCE).

However, since 1944 the origins of the Macedonian people have become confused due to the propaganda and plans of the communist
government of the Former Yugoslavia.
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